In case you missed it: IPro Infographic Presentation

Sample of an Infographic showing info on cars


Say goodbye to the standard headline, picture, copy. The new boom in communication is the infographic where digital authors use vectors like writers use words and the speed of communication is measured in milliseconds.

Information Professionals for Oklahoma (iPro) Presents:

Infographics: Redefining Visual Content

September’s iPro presentation demystifies the infographic by helping you view data as a graphic story waiting to be told. This presentation will take you through the steps to organize, conceptualize and visualize your data. You’ll learn where to find templates and tools for construction as well as the current best practices for publishing and accessibility.

Whether you’re authoring an infographic for your agency or creating a gallery where you’ll collect work authored by others, this workshop will bring you the salient trends in data visualization.

Speaker: Madison Stirland, DEQ Air Quality

Article source: Brenda Dawes, Manager of Oklahoma ABLE Tech and our IPro President

Thoughts to chew on…

Accessibility is critical, and should be treated as such or you aren’t communicating to an entire community.  It’s also just the right thing to do.  And I’ve seen one infographic after another out on the web that is not accessible.  I get it…  With so much visual information and stats packed into one image, it’s a lot of effort to ensure the image has a well-formed title and expresses all the same content and messages in a long description.  But is it really?  If digital practices are put in place form start to finish, it would not be difficult at all.  In fact, it would be hardly noticeable once the practice is incorporated into the process.

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