Sears Kenmore Elite Trio Strikes Again!

7/8/2015 – Well, here’s the update as of last night:

View of Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator's control panel showing the digital temperatures at 37 F for Freezer and 52 F for frig.

Yep, FAIL again.  We got home late and just so happened to have to put some items in it.  We found the temperature of the freezer to be 30 F and the frig to be at 47 F.  My wife discovered it and called me in for the bad news.  So fast forward to 3 to 4 AM, we had saved and thrown out all the food we could, a second time.  Did I mention “again” and “second time?”  Ugh.

This ordeal started a while back, and we have been enjoying the feeling and comfort of it being solved for the last two weeks.

We called Oklahoma Appliance to come back and see what’s going on with it this time.  The fans, water filter, lights all are working, but it just stopped cooling again.  This time it might be another freon leak somewhere or might be a leak in one of the brazed joints.  To be continued…

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