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Alt Codes

When you need to add those odd symbols — Use Alt Codes You know those little copyright and registered symbols, and how about those en-dash and em-dash symbols?   Here’s how… Source: Alt-Codes You can also visit Penn State’s Alt Codes for Windows as a good reference, though limited. This PC World article has a ton […]

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The Price of “Free” Social Media Accounts like Facebook

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and Your Facebook Data Worth checking out: “Facebook and Cambridge Analytica: What You Need to Know as Fallout Widens” by The New York Times and “How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions” by The New York Times. The issue of how a political firm hired by the Trump campaign […]

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Working with CSS Clip Path to replace background images in your theme?

I absolutely love the power of CSS, maybe more than a coconut flavored Mexican Paleta… maybe. I’ve been replacing background images whenever possible with Clip Path and CSS Gradients.  It is so much fun… Use this for quickly creating Clip Paths of all sorts: CSS Clip-path Maker – Use this to generate sweet CSS background […]

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Adobe Max 2015

It was a very inspiring conference, learned a lot and experienced a ton. Experience as much of the conference as you can be watching it online: The keynotes were the huge general assembly sessions, and were the most impressive to me, especially the first day’s “Create with Impact” keynotes.  Many of the Breakout Sessions […]

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The QT Quart lives on!

Things come and go all the time, but every once in a while they stick around—like this very sharp QT Quart Fountain Drink! Don’t mind the tape, this classic Koolee serves us just as great now as it did with the first cold gulp.

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Sears Kenmore Elite Trio Strikes Again!

7/8/2015 – Well, here’s the update as of last night:

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Sears Kenmore Elite Trio finally fixed!

6/25/2015 Update: Oklahoma Appliance came through for us big time.  $244 got our new frig back and running.  If you live within 30 miles of Cushing, OK and have problems with an appliance, I highly recommend giving them a call!  Very professional, knowledgeable and did great work!

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Sears Kenmore Elite Trio – 596.77593800

The lemon?

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Baked Zitti

Stephanie made some excellent baked Zitti.

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Ruben sandwich and broccoli rice and cheese casarol

Stephanie made this awesome Ruben sandwich and delicious broccoli rice cheese casarol.  Some more images.

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American Pharoah wins Triple Crown!


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Mobile van or tiny house?… How about both!

Functional design with artistic flair…

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What color is this dress?

A Lesson in Accessibility – Vision can vary greatly:  So this picture of a dress went viral, I looked at it after trying to figure out Cheryl’s stupid birthday.  And brace yourself because when you compare it to a “better” picture of the dress (one that portray’s its true color) it might just have you […]

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